Experienced organizers

A long time presence on the market with a wide range of own resources and reliable partners.

A reliable partner

A wide range of services along with the ability to create tailor-made packages for your event which is promoted on all the relevant markets

Creative Incentive Programs

A well-organized incentive program will easily inspire and encourage participants, leaving them memories to keep and stories to talk about even long after the program ends.

Fast support

Got questions, suggestions or criticism? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts will gladly assist you every time.


Making memories

We believe your every trip or vacation is sparked by a need or desire ... This is something we call a motive. We are here not only to satisfy your needs, but also to create experiences you will carry with you for years and share them with your loved ones. The recipe for these experiences is simple; we use only local ingredients such as beautiful nature, specific locations, warmhearted people, amazing local gastronomy and a small secret ingredient which will be a special surprise for each of you.