Karlovac region

Karlovac region

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Karlovac County is located in central Croatia. It is the traffic link between continental and coastal Croatia and also the hub of modern highway connecting Central Europe to the Adriatic Sea. On the West it boards with the Republic of Slovenia and on the East with Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
It combines a number of natural beauties: mountain peaks Kapele on south, wooded hillsides of Petrova and Zumberak hill in the southeast and north; central green karst plateau of Kordun, through which beautiful rivers as Kupa, Korana, Mreznica and Dobra flows and fruitful valley of Pokup on the North east. Rich and historical heritage, from prehistoric ruins of Japoda and Kolapijan tribes, ancient Rome remains, Croatian medieval fortress (Dubrovac near Karlovac, Ogulin, Modrus, Slunj, Cetingrad, Ozalj, Novigrad…), monasteries and churches, roads and bridges… to contemporary architectural and artistic creativity.
Relax and have fun discovering and exploring the beauty and sights of Karlovac County. Whatever activity you choose – guided tour, cycling, canoeing, walking or hiking, horseback riding, photo-hunting…exciting adventures awaits you! People, nature and heritage of Karlovac County expect you with open arms.
Slunj is a small town located 50 km south of Karlovac and 30 km north of National Park Plitvice Lakes. Located along the rivers Slunjčica, Korana and Mrežnica, the Slunj area was first settled during the Roman period. There are many archaeological findings to witness this. The town played an extremely important role in the Croatian history – it was the place of grave military and defence clashes against the Turkish conquerors, and the defence fortresses from these times are certainly worth visiting. The beautiful nature and the clean Korana river will attract all those who wish to escape from the everyday stressful life, while those who want to experience active summer holidays, can use the outdoor swimming pool, as well as try kayaking and canoeing.
At the inflow of Slunjčica into Korana, the nature played a game and created a magic that is often called “an introduction to Plitvice“. The beautiful village of Rastoke is located on the limestone rocks close to the Buk, Hrvoje and Vilina kosa waterfalls. The first houses in this magnificent natural environment were built around three hundred years ago, and this harmony of nature and man was included in the registry of cultural monuments of the Regional Institute for cultural protection in Zagreb in 1969. The traditional wooden architecture, immersed in waterfalls, is something you really should not miss!
Rastoke is an old watermill settlement located on the estuary of river Slunjčica into river Korana. Some of the watermills in Rastoke are more than 300 years old. At its peak, Rastoke counted up to 22 mills. The first mill dates back to the 17 century. It can be assumed though that mills have been constructed even earlier, while most houses for living have been constructed only at the end of the 19 and at the beginning of the 20 century. Some of them are still in use. They were all called by the names of the families that carried out this profession.

Region is located in central Croatia between continental and coastal Croatia

Population128.899 (2011.)
Area (km2)3.626

Culture and History

A Region of History. The Home of Inspiration.

The historical significance of the area in both a national and European context can be seen in the magnificent fortified town of Karlovac, built in the shape of a six-pointed star, in the architectural and cultural legacy of the historic castles of the Zrinski and Frankopan noble families: wonderful Ozalj, Ribnik and mysterious Dubovac, and also in the Franciscan shrine at Karlovac and the Paulist one at Svetica, the military complex at Turanj, and the stone palace of the Munjara hydroelectric plant.
The area that inspired the great Nikola Tesla, Ivan Mažuranić, Slava Raškaj, Vjekoslav Karas, Ivan Belostenec and others whose works have left an indelible mark on the way we see the world, is just as inspiring today and is waiting for you. It invites you to visit and experience it, and urges you on to new deeds which, although they may not change the world, will enrich you and open up new avenues of creativity.

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