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In the northernmost part of Croatia, between the Drava and Mura, with green hills and rich plains, there is a charming little place called Medjimurje. Both simple and splendid, its uniqueness has always amazed people and it proudly bears the name of „Cvjetnjak Hrvatske“ (Croatia’s flower garden). Just a step away from major European cities, the perfect combination of tradional and modern with a lot to offer has evolved from rich cultural-historical foundations. Not surprisingly the most densly populated area in Croatia is home to pozojs (dragons), the purest gold in the world which shines from river sandbars, excellent food accompanied by extraordinary wine. Whether you’re a traveller or a passerby, coming on your own or in a company, on business or holiday, you are bound to find what you’re looking for here.
Nature lovers will be particularly excited to enjoy the regional nature park between the Mura and Drava, floodplain forest along the Mura, Drava’s former river course, habitats of diverse flora and fauna, many of which are rare species (butterfly Scarce Large Blue, fish European mudminnow, plants black Small Pasque Flower and Snake’s Head) as well as many other valuable specimens of nature in Medjimurje.

Photo: Sergio Gobbo, HTZ


Country Medjimurje

Region in the northernmost part of Croatia between the Drava and Mura

Population113.804 (2011.)
Area (km2)729

Culture and History

Insula intra Dravam et Muram – these are the words geographer Strabo used to describe Medjimurje in the 1st century AD. Many archeological findings dating from the Neolithic and Eneolithic up to the Bronze Age testify to the ancient life in Medjimurje.

Throughout history Medjimurje was ruled by the counts of the Čak family, dukes of the Lacković family, counts of the Celjski family, Croatian bans (viceroys) - counts of the Zrinski family, the Royal Chamber, counts of the Czech family Althan and finally counts of the Feštetić family. The Zrinski family period represents the golden age of the feudal history in Medjimurje.

Medjimurje’s identity is formed on the basis of cultural legacy, rich tradition (customs, folklore, music, etc.) as well as historical sights. In addition, more and more cultural forms are being created, such as new media cultures and interdisciplinary approach to art, which are implemented through festivals and various multimedia events.

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