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The secrets are hidden. And one of the sweetest for centuries jealously guarded hills of Zagorje. Because while the world suffered from wars, greed, human madness – Zagorje lived “peace”. Wise people have felt, and is the “hills” quickly sprung up the largest number of gorgeous castles, manors, green and flower gardens. And where are the castles there are literary readings, performances, actors, musicians, concerts, songs, folklore, “song”. This unique rustic spirit still lives. Countryside is a fairy tale. In Zagorje is at hand.
Country spirit of Zagorje, the best one can feel the luxurious offer of culture. Tradition has it that the green hills for centuries lived “under the old roofs” in salons and gardens of many castles. And nowhere are there so many per square mile as in Zagorje.

Photo: Branka Mašić

Country Zagorje

Region in northern Croatia

Population282.892 (2011.)
Area (km2)2.300

Culture and History

During the Turkish invasions in Krapina old town, sitting on Croatian Parliament. Krapina was then one of the few free oasis where the local word spoken or sung without fear. It is therefore no wonder that this very small town and today the capital of festive kajkavian songs. The legendary festival hall every autumn prints and celebrated tradition kajkavske culture and way of life.
This is because of the libertarian tradition was born and Croatian national revival. The idea is that just ILIRIZMA designed Gaj, and the memory of that time kept his local museum. All just 500 meters from the global important sites of the Krapina Neanderthal. There is a written history of the planet that every visitor can also experience the unique setting of the Museum of Krapina Neanderthals.
I was not the only time machine because in the nearby Upper Stubica in the castle Oršić Revolt Museum takes us back to the time of the famous Matija Gubec. In his honor every February stubički puntari become warriors in massive staging of the legendary revolt. And when the spring sun warms the scene of the famous battle, stubički place, once again celebrates the nobility. The famous Medieval tournament returns at a time when the urge to reach for the sword because of affection ladies were noble.
A similar tournament is held and at the foot of the powerful legendary tower of the castle Veliki Tabor. Tabor walls guard the most famous local love stories, legends of Zagorje Juliet - Veronika Desinićka that because of unrequited love with a nobleman living walled up in the walls of the castle. On plantations and legends is held here, and the best known local Short Film Festival - Tabor film festival.
Love celebrates the 'Zagorje Wedding' at the nearby unique ethno museum in the open air - Kumrovec Old Village. The birthplace of Josip Broz Tito's favorite resort generations, and all who drop by in kumrovec can bypass even the nearby Klanjec where there is a gallery of sculptor Anthony Augustinčić - whose legendary "messengers of peace" adorned the UN building in New York. Why go to New York when top culture lives on the green hills. In Zagorje fairy tale at hand.

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