Join us on the guided Self Drive Off-Road tour with expert guidance of our professional guides and experience Velebit in ways only a few can. We will take you to the best and hidden locations on Velebit mountain.


Off – Road Tours are the best way to spend time in nature while enjoying the ride and views, and we take care of everything else – choice of routes, where you eat and sleep.

You drive the Off-road vehicle, and in front of you is a jeep with the guide or he can be with you in the vehicle.

Tours can last 1-3 days. With 4×4 challenges, we combine a variety of additional activities, such as hiking, climbing, sea kayaking and river rafting. In this case, tours can last up to seven days.

Locations: Nature Park Velebit, National Park Paklenica, Northern Velebit National Park

Velebit Grand Tour 3 days: tour throughout the Velebit (North, Middle and South Velebit)

Velebit Grand Tour 2 days: Middle and Northern Velebit or South and Middle Velebit

Drive with your own 4 x 4

You can come with your own Off-road vehicle and leave the choice of locations, selection of accommodation and gastronomic offer to our experienced guides.

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Zadar region

Zadar region

The Zadar tourist region occupies the centre of the Adriatic with six towns – Zadar, Nin, Biograd na Moru Pag, Benkovac and Obrovac, 28 municipalities and hundreds of localities, so as islands, islets and rocks of which 17 are inhabited.

It is a region of pleasant Mediterranean climate, larger sea than land surface, natural wealth and variety.
The cultural and historical heritage and monuments of the thousands of years of existence are enriched by the variety and uniqueness of tradition and the way of living.

A city that according to the words of the Byzantine emperor and travel writer Constantine Porfirogenet is older than Rome, nowadays is one of the stronger tourist centres in Croatia. Every year Zadar is visited by hundreds of thousands tourists among which many famous people from the world of business, politics, film and entertainment.

It is also known as a city of various events that make it one of the most interesting and attractive cities to visit. Its creative genius is demonstrated by the modern world known works such as the Sea Organ and Greeting-to-Sun installation.

Centuries old tumultuous history, destruction and reconstruction have all left scars but also many written documents which are today a valuable cultural heritage of the city.

The historical periods have left preserved churches and cultural monuments with visible art from all styles of architecture dating from the Roman period and the middle Ages to modern architecture. There are about 70 of these in the old nucleus while the remaining ones can be found in the surroundings making up more than 600 cultural monuments.

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